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What is a Mobi Site?

A mobi site or mobi website refers to the type of Internet site you access from a mobile device connected to a mobile network or other wireless network, e.g. smartphone or tablet. The display of the web page changes to a display suitable for the much smaller screen of a mobile device. 

What is a Mobile App?

mobile application (or mobile app) is a software application designed to run on smartphonestablets and other mobile devices. Apps allow users to connect to specific Internet services quickly and easily.

Access to Mobi Sites

You may use the following types of mobile devices to access mobi sites and use applications:





Welcome to the Mobile Library LibGuide

In this guide you will find information on mobile resources and applications (apps) to help you with your study and research. 

Use the tabs on top to find information on mobile resources and apps made available to you by the Unisa Library, and additional interesting information on mobile resources and apps in general. 

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Please note: The Unisa Library cannot supply technical support for mobile devices, therefore please contact your service provider.

Unisa Mobi Sites

Unisa has a number of mobile sites and applications:

University of South Africa (Unisa)

Unisa Library

Library Catalogue

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