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EBA (Evidence-Based Acquisition): Taylor and Francis eBooks

This guide describes the new Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) subscriptions available at Unisa Library

Click on link to access Taylor & Francis eBook platform.

Access 22,000+ eBooks on Taylor & Francis

You have access to 28,000+ eBooks on the Taylor & Francis platform.

There are titles that the Unisa Library owns, but you have access to an additional 30,933 leased titles covering all subjects from 2021 till 2024.

At the end of this leasing period (end September 2024) the library will select titles on the usage of individual titles during this period. It helps us to buy and build collections that are based on user needs.


Access to the EBA titles is provided by the Taylor & Francis platform. We do not have access to everything that Taylor & Francis has published.


Exclusions: Textbooks are not included.

Highlights: CRC Handbooks, Routledge Handbooks, Routledge Companions titles included * (* some exclusions apply)



Publishing Partners

Some companies acquired by Taylor & Francis :

  • Allen & Unwin
  • Ashgate
  • Auerbach
  • CRC Press
  • Earthscan
  • M.E. Sharpe, Inc.
  • Routledge

Benefits of EBA to libraries

EBA (Evidence Based Acquisition) provides library users access to an extensive range of content easily, efficiently, and affordably. It allows librarians to align budget spend with demonstrated need based on raw usage data. Selection of content is directly based on yearly user engagement.