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Web 2.0 tools you can use : Flipbook

This guide will feature an overview of some of our favourite Web 2 tools and how you can use them in your studies


Welcome to the Unisa Library LibGuide on how to use flipbooks. 

When you browse this guide you'll find:

  • Different websites to create flipbooks.
  • Tips and tutorials for using flipbooks.
  • Examples of how the Unisa Library has used flipbooks.

What are flipbooks?

What are flipbooks?

Flipbooks is a software product that allows you to convert JPG, JPEG and PDF documents into electronic books that simulate the page turning experience, and look and feel, of the printed book. It also allows you to embed a book, magazine, catalogue, newspaper, porfolio or any other document into a Website.

Most flipbook software is subscription based, but many products offer free accounts albeit with limited functionality.

Flipbook websites


This is by no means a definitive list of flipbook websites, but these links will certainly help you get started:


How Unisa Library has used flipbooks