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Module RSK2601: Conducting a Literature Search



  • Download the app onto your device:

  • Go to EbscoHost webpage and scroll down to the end of the page. Click on 'Iphone and Android Apps'. 
  • Type in your e-mail address and click on 'Send'.
  • Access the e-mail on your device and tap on the authentication key provided in the email.



This is an unofficial app that helps you navigate the JSTOR site more easily than a bookmarked webpage.
JSTOR is a growing full-text collection of core social science, humanities and science journals, with some backfiles that date back to the early 1800s. Subject fields include anthropology, ecology, economics, education, finance, mathematics, philosophy, political science, sociology, literature, and biology.



Search the PubMed database of over 21 million citations for biomedical articles and life science journals


Keyword search with options
Save search query
Save citations
Email citations
View abstract
Link to full text article if available

Post a comment on an article to the public

Write a note to yourself
View public comments on an article

search by PubMed ID, just enter the id in the search box

Research Highlights

Research Highlights is a FREE app which supports users in their key task of keeping up-to-date with newly-published research.

It enables this task to be performed across over 20,000 journals from all major publishers.

Users can define their article feed by:

Following all peer-reviewed articles matching the keyword(s) that are most relevant to them and/or
Following one or more of over 20,000 journals from all major publishers and/or
Following one or more author(s)

Users are then able to scan through the list of newly-published articles that match their selection criteria.

When scanning, they can view the article with one click (when available), as well as the full abstract and article-related information.

With another click, users can select the article and send the URL directly to their email address, which provides a link to the abstract or full-text version.

From their workstation, users can then click on the emailed links and go through to the full-text article



Researchers now have a more optimised way to discover and use e-books, online and offline, on Android phones and tablets!

Search, read, and download ebrary e-books that your institution purchases from leading publishers, as well as materials uploaded and integrated by your librarian. What's more, you can import your own PDF documents – outside of the ebrary platform – using this app.

Key features and benefits include:

* Online and offline reading
* Seamless downloading of full titles
* Simple and advanced search
* Multiple navigation controls
* Table of contents with relevancy rankings
* Early check-in of ebrary's e-books
* Copy and paste with automatic citation for offline documents
* User configurable download size warnings
* Import and use documents from other sources
* Supports English and Spanish (UI)
* Optional sign-in with Facebook user name and password



When you are 'on the go' or away from your desk, tap into SpringerLink to access one of the largest collections of scientific information.
SpringerLink is a publication database containing articles and chapters from over 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and over 50,000 books – in total, over 6 million documents covering every area of science, technology and medicine. The SpringerLink app puts this entire collection at your fingertips.
This free app provides a valuable set of features, including:
- Personalized searches
- Advanced search
- Document details - including abstracts
- Bookmark and save documents for easy access later
- Share document summaries with colleagues

SciVerse Scopus Alerts


SciVerse Scopus Alerts 
Before logging into or purchasing Sciverse Scopus Alerts, you may try out the app for 30 days.
If your institution has access to Scopus, you can use this app for free with a username and password. Please contact your librarian to find out whether your institution has access to Scopus before you purchase this app.
Non-institutional subscribers can continue their access after 30 days with a $19.99 annual subscription.

If you are passionate about your research project, you probably have ideas coming to you in your sleep. Now you don’t even need to get out of bed to search for the latest content: reach for your mobile and use the SciVerse Scopus Alerts mobile app to find articles, create alerts, make notes, and share links instantly. While you are travelling or attending a conference, this app will make sure that you stay on top of the newest developments, without the need to power up your computer or find an Internet connection.

Elsevier’s SciVerse Scopus is the leading service for finding and sharing peer-reviewed information that will help you in your research, whether you are trying to find a cancer cure or improve irrigation in Africa. Whatever your field, when you’re away from the lab but need to keep in touch with the latest research, use the SciVerse Scopus Alerts app to: