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NRF Rating Preparation: Who can assist?

This guide provides information and tools for measuring research impact, focusing on the use of citation metrics in NRF rating preparation

Personal Librarians

Although it is important for individual researchers to be aware of the electronic resources in the Library and those in the open access domain and how to apply these to present their case for research impact to its best advantage, the Personal Librarians can provide assistance and training in how to use these resources. 

Contact the Personal Librarians to assist you with setting up your Researcher Profiles for NRF rating.


Recommended Reading - Articles

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Unisa Institutional Repository (UIR)

The Unisa Institutional Repository (UnisaIR) is an open digital archive of scholarly information resources and research output of the University of South Africa.  It is a publicly accessible repository (archive) where all the work published by researchers or authors affiliated with the University can be posted online. It contributes to the status of the institution by displaying the intellectual output of the institution. It is the ideal space for a researcher applying for NRF rating to place their most influential articles.

All researchers and academics at Unisa may submit items to the UnisaIR by applying for submission rights at


Recommended reading - Books