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E-Commerce: Articles

Information resources important to the field of electronic commerce


Many of the databases contains a combination of full-text and bibliographic references.

If the full-text of the article is not available from the database, make a printout of the bibliographic references and then use 'Find e-journals' to see if the journal that the article was published in is available in electronic format in one of our other databases.

Should the journal not be available electronically use the library catalogue to request the article.

Google scholar

Google Scholar is useful for a quick overview of what has been written on a topic.  For best results use the advanced search option and use keyword combinations or phrases.   Locate articles which are not freely available by entering the title of the journal in the eJournal finder box.

Google Scholar Search

Relevant Subject Databases

 Full text articles and references to articles on particular topics may be found using the subject databases.  Possible keywords and keyword combinations may be:

electronic commerce or e-commerce

mobile commerce or m-commerce

electronic business or e-business

 Please see the box below Pre-determined keyword searches for further ideas on keyword combinations.

Pre-determined keyword searches

 The following are links to pre-determined keyword searches and these are self-updating.  After clicking on each link, a list of articles will come up containing keywords covering the theme.  Not all the articles may be relevant.  Select those articles which you think are applicable to your approach to the topic.  Select the pdf option for downloading or email the pdf article to yourself  the email function.  When emailing, please ensure that the box next to “pdf as a separate attachment” is √

These links are from the EBSCO Databases.  Use similar keyword combinations to search the other databases.  

Find e-Journals

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