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Business Education & Business Schools (B-Schools): GMAT

This LibGuide provides access to information resources relevant to business education and business schools


Video Clips

The following are links to short video-clips covering various aspects of the GMAT.

Please note that these links are in the public social domain and the University and the Unisa Library are not responsible for the content contained therein

Pre-determined keyword searches

 The following are links to pre-determined keyword searches and these are self-updating.  After clicking on each link, a list of articles will come up containing keywords covering the theme.  Not all the articles may be relevant.  Select those articles which you think are applicable to your approach to the topic.  Select the pdf option for downloading or email the pdf article to yourself  the email function.  When emailing, please ensure that the box next to “pdf as a separate attachment” is √

These links are from Business Source Complete.  Use similar keyword combinations to search the other databases.  

Subject databases

 Full text articles and references to articles on particular topics may be found using the subject databases.  Possible keywords and keyword combinations may be:

  • GMAT
  • Graduate Management Admission Test

 Please see the box above Pre-determined keyword searches for further ideas on keyword combinations.


The following are selected titles covering various aspects of the GMAT.   Please click on each of the links below.

When the page opens go to Connect to :  and click on the hyperlink.  You will be prompted for your log-in details.


E-book Databases

Need more eBook titles on the GMAT ?  The following are interdisciplinary eBook databases and include some excellent titles on the GMAT. After clicking on the link,enter the following terms to browse what is available:

  • GMAT
  • Graduate Management Admission Test