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Sunnyside Library: Home

This guide introduces library users to services, facilities and equipment available in the library

Information Desk

Hours (January - November)
Mondays - Fridays: 07h45 – 16:00
Saturdays: Closed

Hours (December)
Mondays - Fridays: 07h45 – 16h00
Saturdays:  08h00 - 13h00

Contact details
012 444 8000




Physical address

Gauteng Region

Sunnyside Library

Corner Steve Biko and Justice Mahommed Street

Building 14

Room G28





Sunnyside Library is a Unisa Branch Library.  It is situated in the Gauteng Region of Unisa within the Pretoria hub in building 14.  The services provided by the library endeavour to integrate tutorial services offered in the Pretoria Hub.  Further to this, the services provided in the library take into account the academic information needs of students who reside in the vicinity of Pretoria/Tshwane.  


New Books

New books at Sunnyside Library

Lending Services

The library books collection consists of Open Collection and Study Collection as well as Reference Collection.  
Open Collection are books that students can borrow for a period of 21 days and can concurrently renew them three times.  
Study Collection consists of recommended books and prescribed books for various academic course modules. However, it is advisable that a student buys his/her personal copy as the library keeps limited copies of study collection.  As a result that the library keeps limited copies of study collection, most of these copies can only be loan out of the library for a period of two hours.
Reference Collection consists of dictionaries and encyclopaedias’ and can be loan out of the library for a period of two hours

Importantly, the library also provides access to some few magazines for leisure reading

Library Commons

The library has 126 computers for students access during the library hours.  In the library commons, students are able to access the Library Catalogue, Internet, MyUnisa/MyLife, do assignments using Microsoft Application Software.  
While library staff members endeavor to assist students with their various academic queries in the library commons however those students who are doing online courses especially EUP1501 are advised to utilize Computer Laboratories.  Accordingly, Computer Laboratories are also situated in building 14 and specialize in assisting students who are doing online courses.

Printing/Photocopying Room

The library has a printing/photocopy room upon which students are able to print or photocopy materials for academic purposes.  
In line with the Copyright Act of No.98 of 1978, students are able to photocopy some parts of books especially those that can only be loaned out for a period of two hours.  
From the Internet and MyUnisa/MyLife as well as prepared assignments, students are able to print directly via each of the 126 computers in the library commons.  
Computers in the Library Commons are all linked to the printing/photocopy machines that are located in this room.  
In addition, the room has a kiosk unit where students are able to upload money into their student cards for printing/photocopying purpose.  
To print or photocopy, the library charges R0,55 for an A4 page (black and white)

Training Room

Unisa students are encouraged to be self-sufficient in their academic information seeking behaviour and for this, the library endeavours to provide library training to students to equip them with necessary Information Literacy skills.  Appropriately, Information Literacy is defined as the:-
ability to know when information is needed (with regard to assignments and academic research),
ability to locate information (by using the library catalogue),
ability to evaluate information (by avoiding plagiarism),
and the ability to know how to use the information that has been found (upon which a student is able to meet required standards when writing an assignment or academic research)

Students living with disabilities

The library provides assistance to students with special needs.  Students with disabilities may have different academic challenges. As a result of this, Sunnyside Library will refer students to relevant departments especially to Advocacy and Resource Centre for Students With Disabilities ( ARCSWID)


Study Space and WiFi Connectivity

Study space is provided in building 14 and building 15.  Operational hours for study space is 6 am to 10 pm. The study space is open 7 days a week.

The internet service via WiFi Connectivity is freely available throughout the precinct of Sunnyside Campus for students access to complement their studies with vital online academic information.  


Gauteng Region

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Unisa Library

To learn more about Unisa Library, you can visit the website page and Facebook page underneath

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