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Mobile Services: Library Catalogue

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About AirPAC

Use the Unisa Library Catalogue on a mobile phone, tablet or other mobile device, anywhere, on-the-go:

  • search for books available in the Unisa Library
  • request books
  • view your loans
  • renew books
  • access selected online resources and electronic journals

AirPAC stands for Air Public Access Catalogue.

What do you need?

You will need:

  • a WAP-enabled cellphone or other 3G mobile device
  • a Web browser, e.g. Opera Mini or Internet Explorer, usually provided by your cellphone network provider
  • cellphone coverage

On your phone ...

Enter the following web address:  


scan the QR code below:

image of qr code

and open the link in your Web browser.

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Why AirPAC