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Ask a Librarian: About the Library

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Where can I find the nearest Unisa Library?

Look up the physical addresses for the Pretoria Muckleneuk Library and all the Branch Libraries via the Branch Locator link on the Unisa Library home page.

What are the Library's hours?

The business hours of the Unisa Libraries vary from branch to branch, and according to the time of year.

Note that all the Unisa Libraries close early in December, and are closed over public holidays and between Christmas and New Year.

Look up the hours for the Pretoria Muckleneuk Library and all the Branch Libraries via the Branch Locator link on the Unisa Library home page.

Can I use my laptop in the Library?

Yes. However, please let Library security know that you are bringing a laptop into the Library. They will note the laptop's serial number when you arrive and will check it against your laptop when you leave.  Please do not leave such valuable property unattended.

Are there photocopy machines in the Library and what are the photocopy fees?

A photocopy service is available on Level 4 of the Muckleneuk Library on the Main Unisa Campus and at each Branch Library.

The fee for photocopying is:

1.     55c  per A4 page

2.     R1.10c  per A3 page

Note that these fees are subject to change.

Note that the percentage of a publication that may be copied is subject to the provisions of the South African Copyright Act 98 of 1978 and to the relevant regulations of the Unisa Library. Please be copyright conscious.

Is wireless Internet access available in the Library?

Yes, wireless access to the Internet is available via access points in the Muckleneuk Library on the Main Campus in Pretoria and at some of the Branch Libraries in major centres, so access and coverage will vary according to which Branch Library you are visiting. It is wise to always contact your nearest Unisa Branch Library before you visit to ascertain if wireless access is available at that particular Branch. Keep in mind that downtimes can occur unexpectedly.

Does the Library have computers where I can type up my assignment?

We regret that the Unisa Libraries do not provide computers in a dedicated space where students may use a word processing package to type up their assignments.

The only purpose for which Library computers open to students may be used is to seek information, for example, to search the Library Catalogue and electronic resources for books, articles and other publications on an assignment or research topic. Students may also use the online request services of the Library at these computers, e.g. request a book, article, law report or literature search on a research topic.

Master’s and Doctoral students have access to the Research Space on the 4th floor of the Muckleneuk Library where they may write and work on their research projects. Access is controlled.

How do I obtain admission to the Unisa Libraries?

How do I obtain admission to the Unisa Libraries?

When visiting the Unisa Libraries in person you will need an access card which you will present or swipe at the entrance and exit turnstiles of your nearest Unisa Library and when borrowing books at the Lending Counter or self-service checkout machines near the Lending Counters.

Unisa Staff: Unisa employees may use their employee cards to gain access to the Library. This card is arranged by the Unisa Human Resources Department upon the employee’s formal appointment.

Unisa Students: If you are a student who visits the Pretoria Library or your nearest Unisa Branch Library almost daily or regularly, you will prefer the convenience of an electronic student card (as opposed to paying for a day pass each time you visit). Unisa students who would like to gain access to the Library must purchase an electronic card. This card will have to be presented when borrowing library material.

Watch the following YouTube video on how to Get an electronic student card.

What are the hours, stopping points and contact details of the Unisa Mobile Libraries (buses)?

At present, the Unisa Library runs two mobile libraries (buses) that serve certain routes in the Cape Town and Polokwane areas. Look up the contact details, your nearest stopping point and current schedules for the two buses via the Mobile Library (Bus) link on the Unisa Library home page.