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How to write a Research Proposal: Home

What is a research proposal

What is a research proposal?

A research proposal is a document that outlines the approach a researcher will take in order to find a solution to a specific problem.  In other words, a research proposal is a summary of what you want to research, why you want to research the problem, as well as how you think the problem will be solved. The research proposal usually justifies the need for the study while presenting already existing literature and information on your topic.  Students and researchers need the research proposal to apply for either sponsorship or approval to embark on the proposed study. 


The function of a research proposal

The main function of a proposal is to convice the reader that your proposed study is essential and relevant to your field of study.  It is meant to show the focus of your research as well as the methods to be used to achieve the study's objectives.It is important, therefore, that you read widely on your topic to get familiar with the previous research that has been done to be able to refine your project and indicate its relevance and value to existing research.