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Digital Preservation: Digital Preservation

What is Digital Preservation?

Digital preservation is the ability to ensure digital contents and files are available for long time periods and can transcend technological obsolescence without loss of readability and accessibility. 

Why does Unisa Digital Preservation Matter?

The Unisa digital preservation mitigates against the risks of loss of digital materials.

Aims of Unisa digital preservation:

  • To maintain the historical value of information
  • To reduce the effects of deteriorating factors
  • To provide worldwide accessibility
  • for continued access to digital content, now and in the future


File Format for the Collection

The file format identification is an important part of digital preservation. Knowing what type of file format, you have and what version it is, will assist with preservation planning for that digital object. It will also provide information on the types of software programs that can open and render the digital object. It is important to note that a program may be able to open a particular file format, but it may not render it correctly. This means that the look and feel could be altered, sometimes slightly and sometimes making it difficult to interpret. This is particularly true for older file formats that were created with legacy software programs. Be aware that legacy can mean only 10 years!

Digital Preservation and Digitisation Policy