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This guide will feature an overview of some of our favourite Web tools and how you can use them in your studies

Request a Literature Search

Need sources for your literature review? Struggling to find sources for your postgraduate assignment?

The Library can assist with a literature search, which is a systematic and comprehensive search for published, academic material on your specific subject/topic. How do you request one? Simply go to Request a literature search .The earlier you send your request the sooner we can assist! 

If you are experiencing issues in completing the form, please use this link.

LibGuide Overview

Online learning is flexible and convenient. However, it is tricky to stay  disciplined enough to ensure academic success. 

Technology plays a vital role in online learning and assists you with tools to collaborate, limit distractions, manage your tasks, manage your time, and learn to focus and relax.

Click on any of the images to the right to learn about the various free tools available to you. 

Try something different - you might like it.

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(Firefox and Google Chrome are the preferred browsers for these websites).

Tools available


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