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Open Educational Resources: Research done on OERs

This LibGuide provides information relevant to open educational resources and open access. Please also take a look at the LibGuide on MOOCs

Research done on OER

During the last number of  years, as the Open Educational Resources movement has grown, so has the body of research being produced on the topic. 

The following may be useful when looking for research on the topic.

Finding South African theses / dissertations

Use the following resources to find completed research on various aspects of OER. Most of these resources are in full-text format.  Use various keyword combinations relating to the topic, for example :

  • Open educational resources
  • OER
  • OER AND Higher Education
  • OER AND Universit*
  • Open educational resources AND Higher Education
  • Open educational resources AND Universit*

Finding international theses/dissertations on OER

Use various keywords and keyword combinations relating to open educational resources and search the databases listed below to find completed theses/dissertations.

Some suggested keywords and keyword combinations could be:

  • Open Educational Resources
  • OER
  • Higher education AND Open Educational Resources
  • Universit* AND Open Educational Resources
  • Higher Education AND OER
  • Universit* AND OER