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Open Educational Resources: iTunes U

This LibGuide provides information relevant to open educational resources and open access. Please also take a look at the LibGuide on MOOCs

Getting started with iTunes U

How to access iTunes U

How to access iTunes U

If you are using a computer with a Windows or iOS operating system:

1.     Download iTunes. [This is a free app, available at]

2.     Open iTunes, and go to the App Store.

3.     Download and install the iTunes app [This is a free app]

4.     Open iTunes U, and start accessing an excellent set of courses and academic resources. [You can browse by subject or university, or look through the featured collections and courses]

If you are using an Apple mobile device (iPod. IPad, iPhone):

1.     Open the App Store, and search for iTunes U.

2.     Install iTunes U.

3.     Open iTunes U, and access any course you choose directly from your phone/tablet.

Articles about iTunes U

The following is a link to a pre-determined keyword search on iTunes University and is self-updating.  After clicking on the link, a list of articles will come up containing keywords covering the theme.  Not all the articles may be relevant.  Select those articles which you think are applicable to your approach to the topic.  Select the pdf option for downloading or email the pdf article to yourself  the email function.  When emailing, please ensure that the box next to “pdf as a separate attachment” is √

These links are from the Ebsco suite of databases.  Use similar keyword combinations to search the other databases.

Creating and sharing open educational resources with iTunes U

Creating & Sharing Open Educational Resources