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Accredited Journals Databases



  • Perform a search across these databases and identify the journals where research related to your topic is published.
  • Compile a list of the journals that regularly feature articles relevant to your manuscript's subject matter. Delve deeper into these identified journals to make an informed decision on where to submit your work.
  • Consult the 2024 Accredited Journal lists to ensure that the journal is accredited.


The following database contain accredited journals and can be used to search according to your topic to find a list of journals that publish articles relevant to your manuscript. Remember to make sure that the journal is on the accredited journal list before you submit your manuscript.


Select a Quality Journal

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Information about Journals

Evaluating a journal before publishing in it is crucial for maintaining the integrity and quality of scholarly research. Firstly, assessing a journal helps researchers ensure that the publication aligns with the scope and objectives of their research, ensuring relevance and suitability. Secondly, evaluating a journal's reputation and impact factor provides insights into its credibility and visibility within the academic community, which can enhance the dissemination and recognition of the research. Furthermore, by scrutinizing the peer-review process and editorial policies of a journal, researchers can verify the rigor and standards upheld by the publication, safeguarding against predatory practices and maintaining academic rigor.

Make use of the Unisa ePublication Finder to gain access to the table of contents of specific journal and find the link to the journal's homepage.

Predatory Journals

Predatory journals are deceptive publications that masquerade as legitimate scholarly journals but lack the necessary standards of peer review and editorial quality. They often exploit the open-access model for financial gain, charging authors exorbitant fees without providing proper editorial and publishing services. These journals pose a serious threat to the integrity of scientific research by accepting articles for publication without upholding the standards of academic rigor. Identifying and avoiding predatory journals is crucial for researchers and academics to maintain the credibility and reliability of scholarly communication.

Cabell's is one of the sources that you can use to investigate a journal for predatory behavior.

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