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Research Data Management: Tutorials

This library guide outlines the basics of data management and creating a data management plan.

An Introduction to Research Data Management

The following animated and entertaining video-clip by Louise Patterton explains the basics of research data and the management thereof.  It is essential viewing if you are a novice embarking on your research data management journey.

Further self-paced tutorials and training guides on the topic may be found below.  It is strongly recommended that you work through them in order to gain a better understanding of the topic. 

The time required to complete each tutorial and guide will vary. It estimate that the commitment will be within the range of 15-30 minutes each. Reading through linked resources will be additional.


 DCC - Introduction to RDM and Emerging Good RDM Practice in UK Universities  is a 50 minute videoclip from the Digital Curation Centre in the UK.  It  introduces research data management and curation concepts, discusses the range of activities and possible roles that should be involved and highlights tools and resources that can assist with curation activities. 

After viewing the video you should have a better understanding of:

-  funders' requirements for data management and sharing in the UK, but applicable locally as well

- how research data management and curation can facilitate data sharing and help to increase citations

- data management plans and how to go about completing one

- some of the free resources and tools available.

For Researchers

The following  will be useful to researchers: 

Digital Curators

The following will be useful to Digital Curators:

Librarians & Information Professionals

The following will be useful to librarians and information professionals who need to assist researchers:

Background reading