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Current Awareness: Setting Up Journal Article Alerts: Home

A concise guide to setting up new article alerts from journal publishers

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Some of the advantages of using e-books include the following:

  • access is 24/7
  • access from anywhere
  • search within full text
  • browse across content
  • no heavy books to carry or return
  • once downloaded/saved they can be accessed at any time

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About Journal Article Alerts

This guide takes the student through the motions of setting up alerts of the newest articles published that are relevant to his or her field of study. JournalTOCS, or Journal Table of Contents, is a key tool that is elaborated in this guide. Other methods of setting up journal alerts from the different journal databases that Unisa Library subscribes to are also covered. Please take time to familiarize yourself with these procedures.



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JournalTOCs is a Current Awareness Service (CAS) where you can discover the newest papers coming directly from the publishers as soon as they have been published online.

JournalTOCs is for researchers, librarians, students and anyone who's looking for the latest or most current papers published in the scholarly literature with international coverage.

JournalTOCs is a free service for individual users.

JournalTOCs *Premium* is a customised version for institutions, available at very economic licence rates. It is a current awareness alert system built with the customers in mind because their feedback is what steers its continuous development.

JournalTOCs *Premium* is being used by large and small research centres and libraries worldwide. It has many features, including an admin interface (super-user account) to ensure that each customised version exactly matches the needs of each customer.

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