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Corporate Sustainability: Resources for Registered Research Projects

How to use this page

This page contains a selection of library resources/databases links that were hand-picked by your personal librarian and all of these databases will contain research material on business management related topics. Depending on your topic you will find more results in some of the datbases while others will be less relevant. You will be able to narrow down the most relevant databases as you conduct searches.

How to find literature:

  • Click on one of the links listed below. The general databases are listed under the heading 'Subject Databases' and the other databases are listed according to specific types, e.g. e-books
  • Type in the relevant keyword(s) in the search box and click on the search button
  • A list of publications will display and many will have full-text articles available
  • Limit your search by adding more keywords, adding a date range or, limiting the results to scholarly or peer-reviewed
  • Remember to make use of more than one database to ensure that you do a comprehensive literature review.

Keywords that you can use when searching the databases:

Corporate sustainability, sustainability embeddedness, strategizing for sustainability, sustainable leadership, sustainability champions, sustainable business practices, organisational change for sustainability, social and environmental responsibilities of business, paradoxes in Corporate Sustainability, sustainable organisation, sustainability adoption, Sustainability Journey, sustainability/sustainable business models.

Subject Databases

E-book databases

Theses and Dissertations