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Creativity and Innovation in Business including Corporate Entrepreneurship: eJournals

This LibGuide will help you to explore creativity & innovation in business. It also includes technological innovation and aspects of corporate entrepreneurship. Themes such as creative destruction and disruptive innovation are also covered.


Many of the databases contains a combination of full-text and bibliographic references.

If the full-text of the article is not available from the database, make a printout of the bibliographic references and then use the e-journal finder to see if the journal that the article was published in is available in electronic format in one of our other databases.

Should the journal not be available electronically use the library catalogue to request the article.


The following are selected  eJournals covering various aspects of this topic  and contain mostly full-text articles.  You will consult these titles as you would consult a print journal.  Once the title opens, select the year and then the specific part and volume number.  You may also do a keyword search within a particular journal title.

The latest issue is always displayed first.

PLEASE NOTE EMBARGOES ON FULLTEXT.   Some titles may a have 12 month embargo on the latest fulltext availability, usually for the current year only.  Fulltext content is available for previous year as well as the earlier issues.

Google scholar

Google Scholar is useful for a quick overview of what has been written on a topic.  For best results use the advanced search option and use keyword combinations or phrases. 

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar is best used in conjunction with the Unisa Library's e-Journal Finder

For example, where you are prompted to submit payment for an article.

See the box  "Find the full-text journal article" on this page.

e-Journal Finder

The e-Journal finder can be used when you know the name of a journal.

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