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Creativity and Innovation in Business including Corporate Entrepreneurship: Research Support

This LibGuide will help you to explore creativity & innovation in business. It also includes technological innovation and aspects of corporate entrepreneurship. Themes such as creative destruction and disruptive innovation are also covered.


Plagiarism is considered to be academic dishonesty. Use a reference management software tool to cite other author's work.

If you need electronic access you can limit your search on the library catalogue to e-books.

Research Support Databases

Essential resource on all aspects of research methodology

SAGE Research Methods can help you with every stage of your research project. 

Nearly every research project has 9 main steps:

  1. Defining a Topic
  2. Developing a Researchable Research Question
  3. Designing Your Research and Choosing Your Method
  4. Researching Ethically and Safely
  5. Reviewing the Literature
  6. Doing Fieldwork/Gathering Data
  7. Analyzing Your Data/Findings
  8. Writing Up
  9. Dissemination

See how SRM can help with each step

eBooks on research methods

The following are selected titles covering various aspects of business research.   Please click on each of the links below.

When the page opens go to Connect to :  and click on the hyperlink.  You will be prompted for your student number and myUnisa password.

Some titles allow you to download the pdf files chapter by chapter and other allow you to copy and paste.  Enjoy reading about leadership!

Research Methodology Books For Business Students

The following is a selection of printed books on research methodology.  Search the library catalogue to look for more books by clicking on the following terms:

New Books on Research Methodology

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