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Current Awareness Archive: Oct14

What is Current Awareness?

Current awareness is the term used to describe staying informed by keeping up to date with the latest publications, research and news in your field.

The perspective of current awareness is the present and the forthcoming, as opposed to the retrospective. 

Current awareness ranges from looking for information on specific topics on a regular basis (and this usually involves the assistance of your Personal Librarian to help you set up your search profile) to embracing a wider, more general, and cross-disciplinary view that brings an element of serendipity into your search for the latest information.

Informally, researchers remain alert in all contexts for useful information and insights that will inform their daily practice, their research and spark off innovative and creative ideas for new avenues of research.

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Website of the Month

Websites of the Month

October 2014's websites of the month are :


About the Monthly Current Awareness Page

The year is marked with many special days, weeks, and months dedicated and devoted to raising awareness about important issues.

This monthly post will note special dates and themes, and draw your attention to possibly interesting cross-disciplinary topical references intended to inform and to inspire ideas for research.

October 2014

Free access to OUP resources for Ebola World Health Emergency

In response to the outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa, Oxford University Press has made 50 articles from leading journals and online resources freely accessible to assist researchers, medical professionals, policy makers, and others working on the containment, treatment, and prevention of ebola haemorrhagic fever. Articles are freely accessible to everyone until 25 November 2014.

Worldwide, October is known for being:

 Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2014

In South Africa we also focus on:

 Selected Noteworthy Days in October 2014:



The Current Awareness Archive is arranged first by month, in descending chronological order.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.


Looking for Upcoming 2014 Conferences?

If you are looking for 2014's forthcoming conferences, the following websites are helpful:

Golden Oldies

This month's Golden Oldie publication is the following article:

Revankar ST (2012) Post-Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Safety: A Review. Journal of Nuclear Energy Science and Power Generation Technology 1:1. Available at: doi:10.4172/2325-9809.1000101. To access the article: Unisa staff must enter a Unisa Network login and password. Unisa students must enter a student number and myUnisa password. 


"Nuclear power plant (NPP) supplies large scale electrical power at competitive price as a base load to electrical grids. However, safety has been major concern due to potential release of radioactive material from an accident. Though historically the nuclear industry has good safety record there have been three major accidents, [the] Three Mile accident, [the] Chernobyl accident and [the] recent Fukushima accident. The article summarizes the reactor safety technology and briefly reviews these three major accidents along with key lessons learned. In the light of [the] Fukushima accident both industry and regulators are reassessing [the] safety of NPP and have taken measures to address new safety challenges raised from the recent accident."