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Research Data Management: Open Scholarly Communication

This library guide outlines the basics of data management and creating a data management plan.

Scholarly Communication

This section provides useful information and tools to use for scholarly communication.

Open Science MOOC

This is a mission-driven project to help make ‘Open’ the default setting for all global research. We want to help create a welcoming and supporting community, with good tools, teachers, and role-models, and built upon a solid values-based foundation of freedom and equitable access to research. Therefore, we see Open Science as a goal: broad adoption of good scientific practices as a fundamental and essential part of the research process

Open Research Software and Open Source:

Software and technology underpin modern science. There is an increasing demand for more sophisticated open source software, matched by an increasing willingness for researchers to openly collaborate on new tools. These developments come with a specific ethical, legal and economic challenges that impact upon research workflows. This module will introduce the necessary tools required for transforming software into something that can be openly accessed and re-used by others.

Open Research Software and Open Source

Open Science Cube

The Open Data Cube (ODC) is an Open Source Geospatial Data Management and Analysis Software project that helps you harness the power of Satellite data. At its core, the ODC is a set of Python libraries and PostgreSQL database that helps you work with geospatial raster data: