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Provides relevant resources on change management and transformation.


This subject guide provides access to the Library's key resources relevant to the field of Organizational Change and Transformation and serves as a point of departure in finding information as well as providing further avenues for self-exploration

Explore the different resources and contact your Personal Librarian should you require any assistance


Due to contractual and licencing agreements, access to some content may be restricted to the Unisa community.

Inclusion in this LibGuide does not imply University or Library endorsement of the ideas expressed.

Copyright Notice

In accordance with the Unisa Policy for copyright infringement and plagiarism, you are personally accountable for respecting copyright and licensing requirements. Violation of any of these restrictions could result not only in the loss of your own access to the information resources, but in the loss of access for the entire Unisa community. Disciplinary action may also be taken in terms of any applicable policy or disciplinary code, for example, the Unisa Student's Disciplinary Code.

Steps for using the LibGuide

To access the resources on this LibGuide, you need to do the following:

  • choose a relevant tab e.g. if you are looking for journal articles click on the tab called articles.
  • A list of relevant boxes will appear. Each box will provide different but useful information.
  • Choose the option you are interested in , and then click on the hyperlinks provided or put in keywords into the provided search boxes and perform a search.
  • To access the relevant information you will need a valid student number and a myUnisa password

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