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Welcome to Florida: Science Library

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Photocopying and Printing Services

Photocopiers operate on student / staff (permit card) cards at a cost of 55c per black & white copy. The photocopying and printing in the library can be processed on level 4 of the library. You will need to load money on your staff/student card using the Icam machine which are available on level 4 photocopying and printing section of the library.  The print-out are processed from the computers on level 3 - Information desk and then collected from level 4.  After loading money onto your card, you only need to swipe your card through the card reader attached to a machine to enable you to make photocopies.  Please be aware that there are copyright restrictions on photocopying large amounts of material.

What is E-Journal

Electronic journals (usually shortened to e-journals) are scholarly publications available in full text via the Internet.

Electronic journals may be one of the following:

  • the electronic equivalent of an existing print journal, or
  • the electronic equivalent of an existing print journal but with additional material that is available in the online version only, e.g. links or media, or
  • the electronic equivalent of an existing print journal but with less material, e.g. it may lack tables, graphics, photographs, colour, or pagination, or
  • an online journal only, in other words, it does not have a print equivalent.

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