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EBA (Evidence-Based Acquisition): Cambridge Shakespeare

This guide describes the new Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) subscriptions available at Unisa Library

Click on the link to access Cambridge Shakespeare on the Cambridge Core Platform

Cambridge Shakespeare now available on Cambridge Core

Expiring date

What is available on Cambridge Shakespeare?

Cambridge Shakespeare hosts a wealth of price-winning content from Cambridge University Press, with integrated playtexts and notes, reference material and related multimedia resources, including:

  • The completely New Cambridge Shakespeare series.
  • The New Cambridge Shakespeare: The Early Quartos series
  • The Shakespeare in Production series
  • The Cambridge Guide to the Worlds of Shakespeare: over 300 transhistorical, international and interdisciplinary essays on Shakespeare and contexts.
  • A new version of Emma Smith's The Cambridge Shakespeare Guide exclusive to Cambridge Shakespeare
  • Multimedia resources for each work, curated by the Folger Shakespeare Library
  • The platform will be updated with new content as soon as it is published for no additional cost, ensuring access to the most up-to-date editions.

What does EBA mean?

EBA (Evidence Based Acquisition) provides library users access to an extensive range of content easily, efficiently, and affordably. It allows librarians to align budget spend with demonstrated need based on raw usage data. Selection of content is directly based on yearly user engagement.