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EBA (Evidence-Based Acquisition): Cambridge Textbooks (Higher Education)

This guide describes the new Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) subscriptions available at Unisa Library

Textbooks for Students

Explore Cambridge Textbooks on the Higher Education website

User Guides on using Textbooks on Cambridge Higher Education website

The following guides will give you step-by-step instructions on how to access, download and print e-Textbooks on Cambridge Higher Education website:

Textbooks available on Cambridge Higher Education

Cambridge Textbooks on the Higher Education website will provide you with easy online access to over 1,000 textbooks, together with all available supplementary teaching and learning materials.

Offline reading is available for you to store up to 20 books that your institution has access to on a computer or mobile device. These books will be available to read, annotate and add bookmarks to whether you are connected to the internet or not so you can take your textbooks whereever you go.

Content will automatically resize to display on mobile devices and can be read both online and offline using our eReader app Cambridge Spiral

Printing: Ability to print up to 15% of a book. Click here for a more comprehensive list of features and details of the website.