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Strategy-as-Practice: Theses and Dissertations

Provides relevant information and training help for Unisa Business Management postgraduate students

Unisa theses and Dissertations

Bezuidenhout, G. 2020. Social interactions between strategy practitioners shaping competitive strategy – a case study at two private higher education institutionSupervisor: Prof A Davis; Co-supervisor: Prof JW Strydom

Davis, A. 2013. Exploring the strategising practices of middle managers - a case study of a South African university. Supervisor: Prof M. Janse van Rensburg; Co-supervisor: Prof. P Venter.

De Metz, N. 2021. Organisational identity and legitimacy dynamics during a strategic change process. Supervisor: Prof M Jansen van Rensburg; Co-supervisor: Prof A Davis

Vorwerk-Marren, I. 2021. Survival strategies of non-profitable organisations in South Africa: a qualitative multiple-case study. Supervisor: Prof A Davis; Co-supervisor: Dr CM Williamson

Van Rensburg, HLJ. 2016. Strategy implementation practices and processes in defence evaluation and research institutes in South Africa. Supervisor: Prof P Venter


Ahmed, LC. 2015. The relationship between leadership behaviour of sales managers and motivation of sales teams during the implementation of strategic alliancesSupervisor: Prof A Davis; Co-supervisor: Dr R Dirkse van Schalkwyk.

Botha (Terre’blanche), L. 2019. Barriers and enablers to the career transition of chartered accountants in the South African financial services sectorSupervisor: Prof EM Odendaal; Co-supervisor: Prof A Davis

Boya, KS. 2015. Strategic planning processes employed by Gauteng South African Football Association (SAFA) soccer clubs. Supervisor: Prof P Venter

Cohen, T. 2022. The consumer behaviour and environmental consciousness of domestic air travelers within a South African context. Supervisor: Prof. J.W. Strydom; Co-supervisor: Prof A. Davis.

Govender, SG. 2018. Pausing as practice in strategy-making and engagement – a case studySupervisor: Dr CM Williamson

Grebe, L. 2014. The use of strategy tools by chartered accountants in the South African Mining IndustrySupervisor: Prof A Davis; Co-supervisor: Prof EM Odendaal

Jogie, P. 2021. Exploring the coping practices of middle managers during organisational restructuring - a case study in a South African bank. Supervisor: Prof A Dais; Co-supervisor: Prof. C le Roux.

Ngwenya, A. 2019. Strategy practices and praxis: a case of selected South African business school alumniSupervisor: Prof A Davis; Co-supervisor: Dr D Ncube.

Norval, W.H. 2013. A descriptive study of the strategy-to-performance gap from a resource-based perspective. Supervisor: Prof F Crafford.

Mamburu, ME. 2021. Exploring the identity of middle managers as strategy practitioners within South African government department. Supervisor: Dr. N de Metz; Co-supervisor: Prof. A Davis.

Samson, SJ. 2018. Middle managers shaping strategic outcomes within a private higher education institution: a case studySupervisor: Prof A Davis; Co-supervisor: Dr CM Williamson

Surju, J. 2018. A case study exploring how middle managers implement deliberate strategy in a government departmentSupervisor: Mrs N de Metz; Co-supervisor: Prof A Davis

Thakhathi, A. 2016. Strategising practices of sustainability champions: a case study at a state-owned enterpriseSupervisor: Dr CA Le Roux; Co-supervisor: Prof A Davis

Van der Merwe, MM. 2013. Exploring factors contributing to the strategy-to-performance gap: the case of a South African electronics organisation. Supervisor: Prof H Nienaber.

Xaba, L. 2019. Exploring the strategising of middle managers through sensemaking and sensegivingSupervisor: Dr CA Le Roux; Co-supervisor: Prof A Davis

Yao Valery, Y. 2013. Emotive reactions to the consumer education project of the South African dairy industry. Supervisor: Prof JPR Joubert; Co-supervisor: Prof A Davis


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