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Strategy-as-Practice: Reading List for Registered Research Students

Provides relevant information and training help for Unisa Business Management postgraduate students


This page offers access to a number of articles relevant to the strategy-as-practice research field.

You need to be a registered Unisa student to access these resources.

List of Articles

Adobor, H. (2020), 'Open strategy: role of organizational democracy', Journal of Strategy and Management, Vol. 13 No. 2, pp. 310-331. 

Alexander, P. A. (2020) ‘Methodological Guidance Paper: The Art and Science of Quality Systematic Reviews’, Review of Educational Research, 90(1), pp. 6–23. doi:10.3102/0034654319854352

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Kearney, A., Harrington, D. and Kelloher, F. 2019. Strategizing in the micro firm: A ‘strategy as practice’ frameworkIndustry and Higher Education, 33(1): 6-17.

Ngwenya, A., Davis, A. and Ncube, D., 2023. The practical relevance of strategy education: Evidence from the lived experiences of business school alumniIndustry and Higher Education37(4): 457-472.

E-Books on Strategy-as-Practice

Golsorkhi, D., Rouleau, L., Seidl, D., & Vaara, E. 2015. Cambridge Handbook on Strategy as Practice. 2nd edition.
Whittington, R. 2019. Opening Strategy: Professional Strategists and Practice Change, 1960 to Today. Oxford:Oxford University Press.

List of Articles

Onwuegbuzie, A.J. & Leech, N.L. 2005. On becoming a pragmatic researcher: the importance of combining quantitative and qualitative research methodologiesInternational Journal of Social Research Methodology. 8(5):375-387.

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Vorwerk Marren, I., Davis, A & Williamson, CM. (2024) Strategizing for survival – enablers of South African not-for-profit organization sustainability, Cogent Business & Management, 11:1,

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