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Welcome to module RSK4801.

Purpose statement

Operational risk management is a dynamic discipline and forms a good foundation for any future business leader, whether you are involved as a risk management specialist, auditor or general business manager. I know this module will be a good learning experience and many of the topics that we are going to cover, will be of value in your day-to-day activities.

 All businesses, government departments and other organisations are exposed to operational risk, whether by its people, the processes or systems that they use, or external factors such as natural disasters, external frauds or various laws and regulations applicable to the specific industry. The purpose of this course is not only to give you a sound theoretical background of operational risk management, but also to challenge you with the practical application of the principles of the discipline.

Please note that this module is offered fully online. You, therefore, need to go online to find the study material and to complete the learning activities for this course. Go to the website: Log in with your student number and password. You will see the RSK4801-20-Y1 module site in the row of modules at the top of the webpage.

It is essential that you register on myUnisa and access the module site regularly. You must be registered on myUnisa to be able to access the learning material and the assignment questions, to submit your assignments, to gain access to various learning resources and to “chat” with a lecturer.

All the best with your studies.

What is operation risk management?

Definition of Operational Risk:

"Operational risk is the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events"

Basel Committee Jan 2001

Operational risk and other financial risks

Source of Figure: Mastering Operational Risk by Prof. Tony Blunden (Prescribed book for RSK4801 Unisa students)

Module leader


Prof AT Mutezo

School Economics and Financial Sciences

Department of Finance, Risk Management and Banking

Simon Radipere Building 5-114

Tel: 012 429 4595 


Miss Suné Maré

Lecturer for Risk Management and Insurance

Department of Finance, Risk Management & Banking

Simon Radipere building 5-115

Tel: 012 429 8222 




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