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Systematic Reviews: CADIMA

A Synthesis and Evaluation of existing evidence

what is CADIMA

CADIMA is a free web tool facilitating the conduct and assuring for the documentation of systematic reviews, systematic maps and further literature reviews.

No topic restrictions
Review questions from any research discipline can be addressed

Working in a team
CADIMA allows for an efficient cooperation of review team member throughout the world and there are no restrictions regarding the number of participating reviewers at the different review stages

Besides others, CADIMA allows for an automated duplicate removal, assures for an automated allocation of records during the screening process (considering the degree of a potential independent and parallel assessment), a bulk upload of PDFs and a detailed documentation of the review process

User support and further development
A team of scientists and software programmers takes care for emerging questions and the further development of CADIMA is informed by received user feedback

Does CADIMA fulfil your demands?
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Tutorials will be made available here
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