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Systematic Reviews: A guide to using Databases Thesaurus

A Synthesis and Evaluation of existing evidence

How to use the Thesaurus

  1. Go to Unisa library website ( OR Library (

  2. from the Unisa library website click on e-Resources

  3. Scroll A-Z Database list or click on E 

  4. Go to the ERIC database. 

  5. Navigate to the "Advanced Search" option.

  6. Enter "mathematical literacy" in the search bar.

  7. Look for a link or button that says something like "Thesaurus" or "Find terms in the ERIC Thesaurus."

  8. Click on that link to access the ERIC Thesaurus.

  9. In the Thesaurus, search for "mathematical literacy." It may provide alternative terms such as "numeracy," "mathematics education," "quantitative literacy," or related concepts.

  10. Note down these alternative terms and use them to refine your search in the ERIC database.