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Unisa Institutional Repository (UnisaIR): Unisa theses and dissertation

Welcome to the UnisaIR

Procedures for the submission of Unisa theses and dissertations

The Unisa theses and dissertations (UnisaETD) is the largest component of the UnisaIR. Since 2002 students had to submit an electronic version of theses and dissertations together with the printed copies. Since November 2016 printed copies were no longer required. The Unisa Institutional Repository is at present the only database for electronic Unisa theses and dissertations. During a retrospective digitisation project some years ago, theses and dissertations that were still available in printed format only, were digitised back to 1994. The Library is still busy with digitisation of theses and dissertations on an ongoing basis.

Theses and dissertations must be sent by supervisors to  These items are uploaded to the UnisaETD collection in the UnisaIR and also mapped to the relevant departmental collections for theses and dissertations.

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Guidelines for submission of theses and dissertations

  • After examining and approving a thesis/dissertation, the supervisor should email the final edited copy in pdf to the Library at
  • Please enter the name of the student (author) in the subject field of the email message.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to the supervisor.
  • Please take note that the Library shall not accept items from students directly.
  • Please ensure that the correct version of the item is sent to the Library.
  • Theses and dissertations will be uploaded by the Library. Please provide at least three weeks for the processing and uploading of the item to the UnisaIR.
  • Kindly note that no alerts will be sent once the item has been uploaded. You may browse your name under “Author” on the UnisaIR web page.
  • Please do not submit ETDs that contain sensitive or confidential content to the UnisaIR as the University will not be liable for any legal action resulting from content submitted to the UnisaIR.
  • Please consult the Procedures for Masters and Doctoral Degrees in case of a request for replacement of an item already archived in the UnisaIR.
  • Please consult the Procedures for Masters and Doctoral Degrees for embargo procedures.