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Unisa Institutional Repository (UnisaIR): Unisa research outputs

Welcome to the UnisaIR

Submission of Research Outputs to the UnisaIR

The purpose of this guide is to assist with the submission of published and unpublished research outputs (excluding theses and dissertations) to the Unisa Institutional Repository (UnisaIR).

According to the Unisa Intellectual Property Policy a copy of all publications emanating from Unisa IP shall be deposited in the Unisa Institutional Repository for Archiving. (Paragraph 10.2.5). It is the responsibility of Unisa authors and researchers to publish research outputs in the UnisaIR, but they should abide by archiving policies and copyright regulations of the different copyright owners, for example publishers. Authors are advised to retain copyright of their published articles and to keep a pdf copy of the accepted manuscript (post print) if archiving of the published version is not permitted. The Library will manage embargoes where applicable. Open Access, licensing and copyright are addressed in the Unisa Policy on Scholarly Publishing. The Unisa Library and Information Services is entering into various transformative agreements to enable Unisa authors to publish their research in Open Access.  

Published and unpublished research outputs are submitted by authors directly in the relevant departmental collections in the UnisaIR. Submission rights to the system are assigned by the Library, Authors who want to submit items to the UnisaIR, must register on the system and request the Library for submission rights.The Library will provide training and guidance with regard to copyright issues and the submission process by means of group and individual sessions. Please contact your Personal Librarian for information about scheduled training sessions.

Checklist of important content to add to the submissions form when you upload research outputs to UnisaIR

  • Enter your name consistently (same format every time you submit a new item) using the lookup/add option. Enter multiple authors one by one using the add button after each entry.
  • Please populate the citation field correct and complete to ensure that people cite your article correctly for a higher citation impact. For example: Brian Barasa. "Developing a model for reducing maternal mortality" Frontiers of Nursing, vol.8, no.3, 2021, pp.269-277.
  • Please add the DOI under the URI option in the dropdown list.
  • Enter the title in sentence case. Please refrain from using UPPERCASE for the title of the article or the title of the journal in the citation.
  • Please enter the keywords one by one using the add button after each on and not all the keywords in one string.
  • You must attach the pdf of your article and sign the distribution license to complete your submission.

Guidelines and Tutorials for Submission of Research Outputs to UnisaIR

Open Access, Transformative Agreements, and Copyright Resources

Databases and Directories of Open Access Information Resources