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CEMS APA 7th edition Referencing Style Guide: Newsletter

Online Newsletter

Glueckauf, R. L., Whitton, J., Baxter, J., Kain, J., Vogelgesang, S., Hudson, M., et al., (1998, July). Videocounseling for families of rural teens with epilepsy -- Project update. Telehealth News,2(2).

  • Use the complete publication date given on the article.
  • Note that there are no page numbers.
  • In an Internet periodical, volume and issue numbers often are not relevant. If they are not used, the name of the periodical is all that can be provided in the reference.
  • Whenever possible, the URL should link directly to the article.
  • Break a URL that goes to another line after a slash or before a period. Do not insert (or allow your word-processing program to insert) a hyphen at the break.


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