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CEMS APA 7th edition Referencing Style Guide: Standards and Patents


International Organization for Standardization. (2018). Occupational health and safety management systems—Requirements with guidance for use (ISO Standard No. 45001:2018).

Occupational Safety and Health Administration. (1970). Occupational safety and health standards: Occupational health and environmental control: Occupational noise exposure (OSHA Standard No. 1910.95). United States Department of Labor.

  • Parenthetical citations: (International Organization for Standardization, 2018; Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 1970)
  • Narrative citations: International Organization for Standardization (2018) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (1970)
  • For most standards, the author will be the organization setting the standard.
  • For most standards, the date will be the year the standard was made effective. For OSHA standards, the year is usually 1970.
  • Provide the standard number in parentheses after the title without italics.


This library guide was developed using:

IPSHONT Tutorial letter 301/4/2017