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CEMS APA 7th edition Referencing Style Guide: Software Programs



National Health Interview Survey - Current health topics: 1991 - Longitudinal study of aging (Version 4) [Electronic data tape]. (1992). Hyattsville, MD: National Centre for Health Statistics [Producer and Distributor].

  • Give as the authors the primary contributors (e.g., the designers of the survey or study).
  • Give as the date of publication the year copies of the data file or database were first made generally available.
  • Give the title, and, in brackets immediately after the title, identify the source as an electronic data file or database. (If the work has no title, in brackets provide a complete description of content, including the year the data were collected.)
  • Give the location and name of the producer (the person or organisation that encoded the data) and the location and name of the distributor (the person or organisation from which copies of the file can be obtained). In parentheses immediately after the names, write "Producer" and "Distributor", respectively.


Meyer, A. S., & Bock, K. (1992). The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon: Blocking or partial activation? [CD- ROM]. Memory & Cognition, 20, 715-726. Abstract from: SilverPlatter File: PsycLIT Item: 80-16351

Bower, D. L. (1993). Employee assistant programs supervisory referrals: Characteristics of referring and nonreferring supervisors. [CD-ROM]. Abstract from: ProQuest File: Dissertation Abstracts Item: 9315947


Harvard Graphics 3.0 [Computer software]. (1991). Mountain View, CA: Software Publishing Corporation. 

  • Do not underline names of software, programs, or languages, i.e. no italics. 

  • Treat references as unauthored works, except when a specific person has proprietary rights to the software. 

WordPerfect V6.1 User's guide [software manual]. (1994). Orem, VT: Novell Applications Group. 

Note that the manual, not the program, is referenced here. In the case of a commercially available book for computer software, use the style for books, e.g.: 

  • Simpson, A. (1995). Mastering WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows - Special edition. (2nd ed). San Francisco: Sybex. 

  • Note how this example differs from the one above: Italics is used for the title and "[software manual]" is not mentioned. 

Wolfaardt, J. B. (Designer). (1995). Computer-based study material for research methodology IPS201-C [computer software]. Pretoria: University of South Africa. 

  • (Designer) informs the reader that the author designed but did not program the CBI lesson. 


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