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CEMS APA 7th edition Referencing Style Guide: Proceedings: conferences/symposia/meetings

Proceedings: conferences/symposia/meetings


Turganbayev, Y., Adilgazinov, G., Barabanova, Y., Zhakupov, A., & Zhukibayeva, G. (2021, April 28-30). Information system for vocational guidance, employment and the forecasting of labor demand: The case of Kazakhstan. IEEE International Conference on Smart Information Systems and Technologies (SIST) 2021, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.


Published proceedings, published contribution to a symposium, article or chapter in an edited book 

Vale, C. D. (1985). Design of a Microcomputer-based adaptive testing system. In D.J. Weiss (Ed.), Proceedings of the 1982 Item Response Theory and Computerized Adaptive Testing Conference (pp. 360-371). Minneapolis, MN: Computerized Adaptive Testing Laboratory, Department of Psychology,  

  • Capitalise the name of the conference or symposium, which is a proper name. 

  • If no editors are named, give the title Proceedings of... directly after the title of the contribution, without the word In. 


Jorio, H., Kasmi, S., & Daghri, T. (2019, June). Emotional intelligence: An intangible capital linked closely to organizational performance as a liability - case of Saham company. Paper presented at the 42nd International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development, London.


Omit the words "poster session" and italicise the conference name when your source is the conference proceedings: 

McGoudall, J., Durbin, P., Schlatter, T., McGale, M. & Jerabek, A. (2019, October 21–25). Dataverse 'Instrallation Personas': A UX concept adopted to enable the navigation of Dataverse installations, for the purpose of sharing ideas and technical experiences by the international community [Poster presentation]. eResearch Australasia Conference, Brisbane, QLD, Australia. 


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