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Library Technology Support: Client authentication

To keep clients up-to-date concerning developments related to library e-resources, systems, databases and applications.

Accessing online resources/services

How to log in to the Unisa Library’s various information services

The Library offers a number of information services that are password controlled for reasons such as authentication, copyright and site license agreements, and privacy of personal information. The services include requesting books, copies of articles or law reports, and access to the various subject databases.

To gain access to the Unisa Network, clients need to be authenticated as registered students or staff members of the University of South Africa. This login procedure uses a (CAS) single sign-on for students and staff.

Students and staff members are encouraged to use the single sign-on login to gain access to e-resources and renew and request books online. PIN login only gives clients access to renew and request books, not access to e-resources.


Students need to use their Student Number and myUnisa password. If you do not have a myUnisa password, please go through this tutorial:

Follow all the steps outlined in the tutorial and please make sure that you activate the password that was sent to your myLife email. Please note that if the link is NOT activated within 24 HOURS the password will automatically be cancelled and you will have to request another password.

You will then use your student number and myUnisa password for accessing the online library databases and services that require authentication. Once you have authenticated, there will be no need to log in again in the current session.


Error message: If you get a “Your credentials are Invalid” or similar error message, please contact the MyUnisa Support Centre at email: and include the error message you received.



Staff will use their Campus Network username as login and their network password - the same network username and network password they use every morning to log into the campus network.


If you encounter any access problems please contact for assistance