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Library Technology Support: Literature Search Request Form in myModules

To keep clients up-to-date concerning developments related to library e-resources, systems, databases and applications.

Ho to request a literature search

Please submit your literature search request via the web form on myUnisa: 

  1. Login on myUnisa with your student number and myUnisa password, then click on Log in
  2. Click on myModules
  3. Click on Sites and then select Library and then Literature Search Request Form
  4. Complete the form and click on Submit once

Check your myLife mailbox for the acknowledgement email.

If you cannot access the form:

  1. We would like to recommend that you use Internet Explorer as your browser.
  2. Go to Microsoft Office 365 at and sign in with your myLife email address and myUnisa password. (If you are already logged into office 365 with a different account / profile, please log out from Office 365 and log in again with your myLife credentials.)

Follow the steps above to complete the Literature Search Request Form

Literature Search Request Form in myModules

If you are unable to access the Literature Search Request Form make sure that it is not hidden from your view. To unhide:

1. Go to myModules in myUnisa



2. Click on Sites




3. Click on Preferences

4. Click on the Sites tab