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Unisa's Partner Public Libraries: Assisting Unisa Students

This guides provides information and resources relevant to the Unisa Public Partner Libraries who serve Unisa students as well as members in their community

Important Note

Access to the resources on this page is restricted to registered Unisa students.  When prompted, registered students will need to log-on with their Unisa credentials.

The Unisa Environment When Assisting Students

Image source   The Unisa Library values its partnership with the local and regional public and community libraries. 

This partnership is extremely important in supporting our widespread student body who are unable to visit the Unisa library in person.   Please encourage our students to work through the sections on this page.    A big thank you to all the dedicated librarians locally and in the regions.  We really appreciate you!


Each Unisa student will need to have created their own myUnisa password in order to access the library's electronic resources.

The Unisa Homepage is a good place to start in order to gain access to myUnisa and the library.

Students access myUnisa either via the Unisa homepage or directly via myUnisa

Here the student will need to claim their Unisa Login and set up their myLife student email systemAll the details are on the myUnisa site.

Students may access the library's homepage  either via the Unisa homepage or directly via The Library Homepage



Access from the library's homepage will include the following resources:

The Unisa library guides enhance the service provided to Unisa students and create a "virtual" learning and research environment.  These are easy to use and promote self-help in finding information.  They include general purpose, subject and topic as well as course guides.

A link to the guides may be found on the Unisa Library Homepage or directly via  Library Guides


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 Ask a Librarian allows library users to find questions to answers instead of visiting the library reference desk to ask in person. A link to this service is on the Unisa Library Homepage or link directly to Ask a Librarian

Useful links include the following:

Please see more options on Ask a Librarian

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Unfortunately, things can go "wrong" when studying  in an e-environment.  

See the example below

Error when accessing electronic resources

When accessing the Unisa Library’s electronic databases, you will be stopped by different error messages, e.g.: untrusted connection, connection not private, or problems associated with the website's security certificate.
This is due to the fact that the our current electronic resources security certificate has expired. We are awaiting the purchase and upgrade of a new certificate.

For the time being, please proceed as follows, depending on the browser you are using:

  • For Internet Explorer: click on "Continue to this website”.
  • For Google Chrome: click on "I understand the Risks (not recommended)", then, for example, "Proceed to (unsafe)”.
  • For Firefox: click on "Advanced", "Add Exception...", and then "Confirm Security Exception".

Please follow this link for detailed instructions.

The following provide further troubleshooting solutions: