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Formatting Your Dissertation (or Thesis): Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks


Productivity in Microsoft Word refers to the ability to efficiently and effectively create, edit, format, and manage documents using the software. Microsoft Word is a popular word processing program that offers various features and tools to enhance productivity. Here are some ways in which productivity can be improved in Microsoft Word:

Additional Features

  1. Collaboration and Sharing: Word allows multiple users to collaborate on a document simultaneously. This feature enables real-time editing, commenting, and tracking changes. You can also share documents easily via email or cloud storage services.

  2. Automation: Microsoft Word provides automation features such as macros, which are recorded actions that can be played back to automate repetitive tasks. Macros can be useful for automating formatting, generating reports, or performing other tasks.

  3. Quick Access Toolbar and Keyboard Shortcuts: You can customize the Quick Access Toolbar in Word to include frequently used commands, making them easily accessible. Learning keyboard shortcuts for common actions can also significantly speed up your work.

  4. Navigation and Search: Word offers various navigation tools, such as the Navigation Pane and Go To feature, to help you move quickly through your document. The search functionality allows you to locate specific words, phrases, or formatting elements within your document.