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CEMS Harvard Referencing Style: Publications and Reports of Corporate Bodies and International Organisations


A body corporate is an organisation that is formed by a group of people, identified by a particular name, and which acts as an entity.

An international organisation is legally established, has authority, and is created for a specific purpose, e.g. United Nations, World Health Organization or NATO.

Referencing Publications of a Corporate Body

The body responsible for the document. Year of publication. Title (in italics). Report number (when applicable). Place of publication: Publisher.


IMF (International Monetary Fund). 2022. IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics: Annual report 2021. Washington, DC.

Stats SA (Statistics South Africa). 2020. The marginalised groups series 6: The social profile of youth, 2014 - 2020. 03-19-07. Pretoria.

The body responsible for the document. Year of publication. Title. Report number (when applicable). Publisher. Available at: URL [Accessed: day month year].


UN (United Nations). 2020. UNDESA World Social Report 2020. UNDESA. Available at: [Accessed: 5 March 2020].

Collins, J. 2017. Report on visit to international business schools. Unpublished report to the Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership.