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CEMS Harvard Referencing Style: Data Sets

Data sets

  • Include author’s name for dataset references where possible (an author may be a corporate body or organisation responsible for creating, producing or publishing a webpage or website).
  • Where there is no identifiable author or authoring body, use the title of the dataset.
  • Raw data from a dataset should not be quoted directly but should instead be summarised.


Author’s surname, initial. Year. Title of dataset [Dataset]. Publisher. DOI or URL [Accessed: day month year].



Woods, C., Fernee, C., Browne, M., Zakrzewski, S. & Dickinson, A. 2018. The potential of statistical shape modelling for geometric morphometric analysis of human teeth in archaeological research [Dataset]. University of Southampton Institutional Repository. doi: 10.5258/SOTON/404043


City of Melbourne. 2018. Buildings with name, age, size, accessibility, and bicycle facilities. Census of Land Use and Employment [Dataset]. Available at: accessibility-and-bic/pmhb-s6pn [Accessed: 7 January 2019].