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CEMS Harvard Referencing Style: Multimedia

How to reference multimedia

Author/Editor’s surname, initials. Year. Title [Format, i.e. video, film or DVD]. Edition. Place of publication (if known): Publisher (if known) (or URL and access date). Supplier or database identifier.


YouTube video

HoffsTech. 2022. The importance of diversity in the workplace [YouTube video]. Available at: [Accessed: 2 March 2022].


Different format video

Song, J. 2021. Supply chain innovations [Video]. Henry Stewart Talks. Available at [Accessed: 10 April 2022].


Broadcast Company. Year. Title of programme (in italics). Off-air recording [Video], Transmission date.



SABC 3. 2020. News at 8. Off-air recording [Video], 9 March.

Radio 702. 2020. John Robbie show. Off-air recording [Audiotape], 8 March.