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CEMS Harvard Referencing Style: Government Publications

Government Publications

These include green and white papers, bills, statutes or acts, amendments to acts, regulations and government notices, all of which are published in the government and provincial gazettes.

The annual reports of various government departments and bodies, the parliamentary debates published in the Hansards, and various reports and commissions of inquiry all fall under this category. Government or state publications are examples of works by corporate authors.

The name of the legislative body, court, executive department, bureau, council, commission or committee. If given, the name of the relevant sections or office. Year of publication. Title. Report number (where applicable). Further particulars will depend on the nature of the source. Place of publication: Publisher.


Stats SA (Statistics South Africa). 2020. The Marginalised Groups Series 6: The Social Profile of Youth 2014-2020. Pretoria.

Note: You should provide the number of the publication where possible, as this helps readers to trace the source.